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COMER parís.méxico

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В рейтинге лучших кейтерингов COMER parís.méxico занимает 4 место. В округе Батиньо́ль-Монсо́ 4 место.
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«COMER parís.méxico» находится по адресу: COMER parís.méxico, 96 Rue d'Hauteville, 75010 Paris, France , Батиньо́ль-Монсо́. Адрес сайта кейтеринга parismexico.fr . По состоянию на 2024-07-23 04:31:10 «COMER parís.méxico» занимает 4 место в Кейтеринги Парижа. Посмотреть все награды и статусы Парижа 2024.

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Адрес: COMER parís.méxico, 96 Rue d'Hauteville, 75010 Paris, France Батиньо́ль-Монсо́


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Delicious authentic...
Delicious authentic Mexican food prepared with love by Carlos. In addition to being VERY good, the dishes are very well prepared and beautiful. Cute place and very nice staff
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Astonishingly perfec...
Astonishingly perfect and refined food. I ordered for my birthday, and then gifted dinner for two very homesick Mexican friends who recently gave birth here in paris. We were all so thrilled and grateful for the quality and imagination of the dishes. If Carlos had a restaurant I would truly go all the time!! Mexican cuisine is the best in the world and Carlos is an artist. His meals are a joy. UPDATE!! Carlos does have a restaurant now and I think it’s hands down some of the best food in Paris. I plan on going every week!!! Incredible salsas, tortillas, and WOW every dish I’ve tried so far is just spectacular.
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Super nice and cozy...
Super nice and cozy place. The food was prepared to perfection and the service was very good and friendly. But most of all you can tell the chef loves what he does and does what he loves. Congratulations and we will be very frequent clients.
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Excellent food and s...
Excellent food and service
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Very good, fresh ing...
Very good, fresh ingredients, and lots of care goes into the dishes. Good service too.
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Food tasted great bu...
Food tasted great but we didn’t have nearly enough to eat despite spending 30€/person on food (for just two small plates each)! At these prices extra flatbreads should frankly be free, and there should be reasonably enough to eat in each plate. It’s a small venue, gets quite loud inside but thankfully we got to sit on the nice small terrace outside. And the service was kind but a bit overwhelmed. All in all, it’s sad because clearly the food shows promise, but we were frankly disappointed by this small plates concept. Will probably try to come back for lunch, which has a more conventional menu, seems more reasonably priced, and may fit this style of cuisine better…
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THE best Mexican in...
THE best Mexican in Paris! I am Mexican and the food prepared by Carlos is the only one that I can call the real deal. Don’t hesitate to book!
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Ordered one of every...
Ordered one of everything. Delicious and super warm environment! Will be back.
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This is an excellent...
This is an excellent restaurant. One of the best meals we had in Paris. Lovely service, perfect atmosphere. Not to be missed.
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Visiting from NYC an...
Visiting from NYC and this was one of our favorite places in Paris during an extended stay. Creative and delicious Mexican food. One of our favorite Mexican places that we have been to anywhere - and that includes Mexico City and Southern California! Definitely a place to visit if you like Mexican food but want something more creative than the standard studd. Menu changes each week so be sure to come back (as we plan to do!). Customer service was also great, including chatting with the friendly Chef Carlos. Everyone should come here!
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